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Ph- Liquid is used to lower the Ph of your pool water.

The liquid acid, in our opinion, is more effective, lasts longer and is more economical than the dry powder acid. Extra care should be used when handling, storing and transporting liquid acid.


Why remove phosphates?

Removing the phosphates from your water is a much better and safer way of controlling algae than using algicides.

By removing the phosphate from the pool water you are removing the 'food' that algae needs to grow. No phosphate = No algae.

The phosphate remover is based on a rare earth mineral and is not toxic to swimmers.

Flocculent is used to remove tiny particles that are suspended in the water giving your pool water a clear, 'polished' look.


Liquid Ph- 25kg 20 Euros

Phosphate remover 1xltr 45 Lira

Flocculent - out of stock