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Like Swimming in Bottled Water.picture of family swimming

The Ecosmarte Chemical Free pool sanitisation system keeps your pool clean & clear without the need for chlorine, no more skin irritation, no more red, sore eyes and stinging noses, no chlorine odour and no worries about the health concerns of swimming in Chlorine.

Save your self money as there are no more chemicals to buy and the system is economical to run and easy to operate.

ECOsmarte Planet Friendly, Inc. was established in 1993. The company develops proprietary non-chemical, environmental friendly water purification systems used in numerous residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. ECOsmarte provides customer support through a growing national network of over 100 factory certified technicians, authorised dealers

ECOsmarte has over 20,000 product installations in all 50 states and 46 countries.

We are ECOsmarteā€™s Turkish Distributor

The Best Chlorine free water purification available.picture of family swimming

Every time your pump runs the ECOsmarteĀ® oxygen electrodes deliver a non-chemical shock to your water when the water passes through your pressure line. Once per week you adjust your pH and take a copper test. You will switch the button on your Electronic Control Unit and ionize for 4 - 12 hours depending on your pool size and bather load. This will put copper in your pool which is a great algaecide and deadly to viruses.

Copper Ions remain as a residual sanitiser in the pool water, copper in this form is recognised as an effective sanitiser by both the National Sanitization Foundation & the US environmental Protection Agency,

The ECosmarte system runs mostly in Oxidisation mode which via a process of elctrolysis as the pool water passes through the Titanium plates in the cell, creates one of the most powerful oxidisers available for water purification.

Installed in under 1 hourpicture of family swimming

The installation of the Ecosmarte system is simple whether you fitting to a new installation or retro fitting to an existing system. If you are retro fitting you will need to remove 11" of return pipe after your sand filter for the installation of the cell, One mains outlet socket for the control box which can be mounted inside your pump house or outdoors with protection from heavy rain.

If you go for the fully programmable system with C02 Ph adjustment you will need room for a C02 canister and an additinal 11" cut out from the return pipe after the Ecosmarte cell for a C02 injection cell.

There are 3 Ecosmarte systems available for in-ground pools,

The base system consists of an electronic control box and the Ecosmarte Cell containing the copper and Titanium plates. This is system is manually operated and requires you to switch manually from Ion to Oxy once a week. Downward Ph adjustment would require a liquid Ph reducer such as muriatic acid to be added manually,

System 2 is the fully automatic system that once programmed will automatically switch between the Ion and Oxy states without user intervention. This system will still require the manual addition of Ph reducer.

System 3 Is the fully automatic programmable system that has automatic Ph- reduction via the use of C02 (carbon dioxide) the programmable unit will automatically dispense C02 from a connected cylinder for the time required to keep your water Ph at the correct level.

Is Copper in the water safe for swimmers?

Absolutely, the cooper content of the water is under 25% of the recommended copper level of drinking water, In fact if you drank 2 gallons of water treated with the Ecosmarte system you would ingest as much copper as you would find in a Multi vitamin tablet.

Is the system easy to install & operate?

Yes, the systems can be installed by a competent DIYer in under an hour. The operation of the system requires weekly testing of the copper & Ph levels in the water and flipping a switch on and off once a week (unless using the programmable system which requires no user intervention). The only other maintenance would be to add Ph- if your are not using the C02 injection system.

Are there any consumable parts and what is their life span?

There are only 2 consumable components in the cell and they are the copper bars and the Titanium plates. The copper bars will last about 3 years depending on usage and cost around 125 Euros and are easily fitted using just a screwdriver. The Titanium plates will last over 5 years and cost approx $250 to replace,

How does the Ecosmarte system compare to Salt to Chlorine Generators?

Firstly, the Chlorine generators still put chlorine in to the water, admittedly not as harsh as using powdered chlorine, it is till Chlorine and can adversely affect pool equipment, covers and of course swimmers.

The discharge water from a pool treated with a salt-to-chlorine generator can contaminate soil and ultimately kill vegetation and damage the soil.

pool and spa water treated with the ECOsmarte system is preferred by virtually every person that has had the opportunity to swim in a pool treated with ECOsmarte versus a pool treated with a salt-to-chlorine generator. Secondly, water in an ECOsmarte treated pool is free of all sanitising chemicals and has the feel and taste of bottled water.

Ecosmarte Standard system Manual oxy/Ion 3,500 $

Ecosmarte Fully programmable with Co2 Ph regulation 4,995 $